All Africa Conference 2019



Wednesday 25th September



09:30hrs - 10:30hrs

Africa Lions Leadership Meeting

11:00hrs - 12:45hrs

Euro Africa Meeting

13:00hrs - 14:30hrs

GAT/ALSC Lunch (By Invitation)

15:30hrs - 18:30hrs

GAT/ALSC Meeting

19:30rhs - 21:30hrs

African Leadership Dinner With Executive Officers (By Invitation)


Thursday 26th September, 2019 - Official Opening day of the 25th All Africa conference



09:30hrs - 13:00hrs

Closed Meeting -DG Team/ D GAT Coordinators(By Invitation) - Side room

09:30hrs - 13:00hrs

International Women Symposium (English & French) - Side room

09:30hrs - 13:00hrs

International Leo Forum (English & French) – Side room

13:00hrs - 14:00hrs

Lunch time

14:00hrs - 15:00hrs

Press conference with IP Dr. Jung Yul Choi - Side room

16:00hrs - 19:00hrs

Official Opening of the 25th All Africa Conference – Lusaka – Plenary room Master of Ceremonies


All delegates to be seated.


Arrival of Guest of honour for opening Ceremony - escorted by IP Jung Yul Choi and Seong Bok Yang.

Immediate Past International President

  1. Gudrun Yngvadottir and PIDJon Bjarni Thorsteinsson.
  2. 1st Vice International President, Judge Haynes H. Townsend and Donna.
  3. 2nd Vice International President, Brian E. Sheehan and Lori
  4. 3rd Vice International President PIP & GAT Leader; Kajit Habanananda
  5. Presiding Officer & Conference President, Past International director; Hastings Eli Chiti

Past International Directors

  • District Governor - Sanyay S. Balid
  • Host Chairperson – PDG Abraham Nyirongo
  1. Call to Order, Presiding Officer & Conference; President – Hastings Eli Chiti
  2. Invocation by………
  3. National Anthems of Zambia, Korea, America, Iceland and India
  4. Flag ceremony conducted by……
  5. Welcome address by Chairperson – Host Committee PDG Abraham Nyirongo
  6. Address by Presiding Officer & Conference Chairperson – Hastings Eli Chiti
  7. Music interlude/ Cultural dance/ IP Song
  8. Introduction – Video of International President Dr. Jung Yul Choi
  9. Keynote address by the International President Dr. Jung Yul Choi
  10. Address and Official Opening of the 25th All Africa Conference by the Guest of Honour
  11. Presentations
  12. Adjournment by the Presiding Officer and Conference Chairperson – PID Hastings Eli Chiti


Welcome Cocktail (Traditinal /Business dress) - All delegates.


Friday 27th September, 2019 - 1st Plenary Session



• 08:30hrs – 10:30hrs

Seminars (See Schedule)

10:30hrs - 11:30hrs

International President meets with Club Presidents (English & French)

10:30hrs - 11:30hrs

1st Vice International President meets with 1st VDG (English and French)

11:45hrs - 12:45hrs

International President meets with DG & CC (English & French)

12:30hrs – 13:30hrs

Chairperson of GAT meets with GAT CA & Area Leaders (English & French)

13:30hrs – 14:30hrs

Lunch break

14:30hrs – 15:30hrs

Ceremonial recognition of Lions Dignitaries

  • LCI & LCIF Staff
  • Past District Governors
  • Past Council Chairpersons
  • Vice District Governors
  • Multiple District GMT/GLT/GST/FWC Coordinators
  • District Governors
  • Council Chairpersons
  • District 413 Governor
  • Host Committee Chairperson
  • GAT/LCIF/FWC/LCIF Area Leaders
  • GMT/GLT/GST/LCIF Constitutional Area Leaders & Vice CA Leaders
  • Past LCIF Trustees & Past Board Appointees
  • Presiding Officer & Conference President, PID Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Past IDs
  • Past IPs
  • International Directors & Board of Appointees
  • Executive Officers
  • Call to Order & address by Presiding Officer – Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Welcome address by DG Sanjay S. Balid
  • Report of the 24th All Africa Conference, Rabat Morocco by PDG Mounir Sendrati
  • Address by PIP & GAT Chairperson – Kajit Kabanananda
  • Address by 3rd Vice International President
  • Address by 2nd Vice International President – Brian E. Sheehan
  • Address by 1st Vice International President – Judge Haynes H. Townsend
  • Address by IPIP & LCIF Chairperson, Gudrun Yngvadottir
  • Address by International President – Dr. Jung Yul Choi
  • Presentation of venue for the 26th All Africa Lions Conference – 2020
  • Confirmation of bids for 26th All Africa Lions Conference 2020
  • Africa challenge by PID HOB Lawal
  • Retention and way forward by Kyle Harji
  • GAT presentation by PID Dr. Manoj Shah
  • Adjournment by Presiding officer and Conference President - ID Hastings Eli Chiti


Banquet in Honour of IP Dr. Jung Yul Choi.


Friday 27th September, 2019 - Banquet Programme




  • Call to Order (Master of ceremonies)
  • Invocation by DG 413 – Sanjay S. Balid
  • National Anthems of Zambia, Korea, America, Iceland & India
  • Presentations of bouquests to First Ladies
  • Welcome address by Conference Chairperson; Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Address by Guest of Honour
  • Address by Chief Guest – International President; Dr. Jung Yul Choi
  • Presentations
  • Vote of thanks by ……
  • Toast to Lions Clubs International
  • Adjournment /Dinner/ Entertainment


Saturday 28th September, 2019 – Conference Programme (Consultative Assembly)




  • Meeting called to Order, PID Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Invocation....
  • Adoption of the Agenda, PID Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Ground Rules PID Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Adoption of the Minutes of the 24th Consultative Assembly, Rabat Morocco - PID Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Matters Arising thereof - PID Eli Chiti
  • Adoption of the 26th AAC – Dar Tanzania – PID H.Chiti
  • Presentation of Bids for AAC 2020 & 2021 -
  • Confirmation of Bid AAC 2020 -
  • GAT report - PID Dr. Manoj Shah
  • Report of Milan International Convention 2019 - PID H. E. Chiti
  • Review of AAC Agreement - PID H.O.B. Lawal
  • Remarks by 3rd Vice President -
  • Remarks by 2nd Vice President - Brian E. Sheehan
  • Remarks by 1st Vice President - J.H.H. Townsend
  • Remarks by campaign 100 - IPIP & LCIFChair G. Yngvadottir
  • Remarks by International President – Dr. Jung Yul Choi
  • Vote of thanks - PID Alexis Vincent Gomes
  • Closing remarks & Adjournment – PID H. E. Chiti


Saturday 28th September, 2019 – 2nd Plenary & Concluding Session



13:00hrs - 17:00hrs

  • Delegates to be seated
  • Call to Order PID Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Review of the AAC Agreement
  • Address by the PID – PID Alexis Vincent Gomes
  • Address by the PID - PID H.O.B. Lawal
  • Address by PID - Dr. Manoj Shar
  • Presentation of candidates for International Office by PID – Hastings Eli Chiti
  • Conference Resolutions – By PID H.O.B. lawal
  • Felicitations by PIP & GAT Chairperson – Kajit Habanananda
  • Felicitations by 3rd Vice President
  • Felicitations by 2nd Vice President – Brian E. Sheehan
  • Felicitations by 1st Vice President – J.H.H. Townsend
  • Felicitations by IPIP and LCIF Chairperson – G. Yngvadottir
  • Farewell Remarks by International President – Dr. J. Y. Choi
  • International President’s song
  • Closing Remarks and Adjournment by – PID H. E. Chiti
  • National Anthem for Zambia, America, Iceland and India


African Cultural Dinner for all registered delegates.